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Welcome to Cable Hell

Webpage up and running. There’s a lot of things needing tweaking and I sure as fuck need some new pictures really soon. More importantly the studio will be ready to reopen in a new and much improved version in about two weeks from now. At the moment its mostly about soldering snakes for my gorgeous “new” Otari MTR-90 MKII tape machine, sorting various logistics for how to fit everything in the most comfy and efficient way and not at least I’m having a tech dropping by to calibrate the Otari on Friday. I’m having a test session in the coming week with my mate Simon who’s an excellent drummer. And since getting nice drum sound is the closest I get to a religion I simply can’t wait.

The Otari have been a huge improvement over the now semi-retired Fostex G16; way less noise and everything just sound bigger and better. Although the G16 have served me well, had it running many hours a week for almost seven years with only two minor repairs. Not bad for a “prosumer” machine from 1990. But of course the MTR90 is in a different class, after all this beast have recorded My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Spiritualized and pretty much half of Danish mainstream records from the 80’s and 90’s.

Another improvement is the Sennheiser MD421U’s and MD211’s. Got them from an older producer mate who’s also sort of a mentor for me who also put the MD211’s as part of the deal for the 421’s. The 211’s are interesting old omni dynamics that to my ears sounds like they handle treble as well as the MD441s.

Moctezuma is an excellent local psych/prog band and we have just finished mixing their first album and it does kick ass. It will most likely be my last project on the Fostex G16. They’re currently in the process of choosing between the endless fuckpiles of different mixes and finding the best track order. These guys know how to write and perform a song in a manner where it’s both classic and original at the same time and I’m honoured to have worked with them. My own band Electric Scar have almost finished our second album, for the two remaining songs that need work I will just copy them to the Otari at 30 IPS and deal with it from there.

The whole process of going from a semi pro setup to become a commercial studio have been fun but also hard work. I already got a bunch of requests from potential clients and have one booked for April. All of this wouldn’t haven’t been possible without the help from a bunch of people, especially Steen from Mikrokredit Aarhus, my very patient girlfriend Aurelia, my mom, the Cable Hell crew (particularly Simon) and a bunch of old seasoned engineers whom I’m not certain want to associate publicly with the scruffy lumpen proletariat of the music business so I’ll let them be anonymous in this post.

Anyway, I’ll post some news here from time to time but I’m quite busy in the analog world and after all this is a webpage not a blog, so if I go missing in action it most likely means that the studio is going well. In that case I refer to Gearslutz and TapeOp for your daily fix of rambling about recording.

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