About Cable Hell Studio

About the studio and its owner

Cable Hell is a small analogue studio built around a 24 track tape recorder and a lovely DDA Q mixing desk. It offers a relaxed but profesional atmosphere, there’s always warm coffee at your disposal and I can work hard for 15 hours per session to get your tracks down. 

The studio is run and owned by producer and engineer Jonathan Højgaard Jensen who is also the author of this text and therefore will pass on any business bullshit about "us" and "we". 

Got plenty of experience with a bunch of different genres such as rock 'n' roll, folk, punk, metal, shoegaze, old school pop, psychedelic rock and country  and I'm always open to different genres although modern pop and modern metal would probably need another producer in which case I'd stick to engineering.

Brief history

The first incarnation of the studio goes back to 2010 as a passion project and a fun and affordable way of recording my old band Spökraket, but quickly evolved to a music collective and studio at the same facility. Went from 4-track tape supplemented by digital to 8, 16 and 24-track tape machines. 

Since 2019 the studio became professional, I became the only owner and been doing this for a living since then. The current 24-track Otari machine was purchased as well as major upgrades in microphones and outboard gear.

Throughout the years I had the honour of recording some amazing acts such as Gäy, Krogen, NarcoSatanicos, Big Game Hunter and many more.

Workflow and audio ideology

The studio is designed with live band tracking in mind so you can maintain eye contact while playing, there's good isolation between the drums and guitars, there is plenty of headphone outputs and by monitoring through an analog console, latency issues is a non-issue.

I only record on tape and mix on an analog mixing desk as I prefer both the sonics and the workflow – it’s the sound of an overwhelming majority of my favourite records. With 24 tracks there's plenty of room to experiment and overdubs whatever it takes.

Recording on tape means that fixing musicial errors should be done during recording, not in post production.
You have to rehearse properly before recording with me unless you're loaded with cash or you’re playing a kind of music that is based upon improvisation or you're the kind of band that manage to make a flawed performance vibey and awesome. 

It is not the stone age though and of course I can edit random breathing noises, chatting, amp buzz, etc. out of an otherwise good performance without breaking much sweat. Compiling and punching in are a routine task as well. 

If we feel like exceeding the 24 tracks available I bounce stuff like toms, backing vocals, doubled guitar leads and percussion together and erase the original tracks. Found it worth mentioning in case you enjoy the sonics of analog tape but are not familiar with the workflow. For you geeks and oldtimers who might be reading this, sorry for wasting your time stating the obvious.

Most people need to feel relaxed to pull off a great performance and therefore I have a rather laissez-faire policy as for behaviour in the studio – you can party if you like or you can be dead-on analytical and stick to tea, your choice. Only things that won’t tolerate is racism, sexism or homophobia – or behaviour that puts mine our my friends equipment in danger of a pricey repair such as bottles or cups on the amps or near the console. Besides that I’m quite easy going.

Before a mixing session or tracking particularly demanding instruments I can recommend bringing some music that you know really well and listen to it on our breaks to get used to sound of the speakers and the room – will save everyone a lot of regrets as our EQ’ing decisions will depend on what we hear in the room.

As for taste in music I’m into lots of stuff but are particularly fond of is psychedelic rock, shoegaze, old soul music, country and classic pop and rock from the 60’s to the early 80’s... the golden age of mainstream music. 

Heroes, ethics and preferences

A few favourites amongst producers are Roy Thomas Baker, Jimmy Miller, Delia Derbyshire, Lee Hazlewood, Isaac Hayes, Roy Hallee, George Martin (obviously), Kevin Shields, Tommy Hansen, Phil Spector and Martin Hannett. I love stacking up backing vocals so there ends up being 20 to 50 voices. Also got a passion for loads of percussion – there’s a nice collection at the studio.

I try to make decisions that benefit the songs and always be respectful towards the facts that it’s your music. If you have an extremely clear vision of how you want everything to sound and got loads of studio experience let me know and I will stick to being a technician and only interfere in purely technical matters. If you would prefer mixing our recording elsewhere digitizing the tracks can be arranged.

In case you got a vision that you don’t have the abilities to pull off yourself cause you don’t play the instrument in question I got friends who might be able to do so.

The room is fairly dry and small, hence it is not ideally suited if you want to record a larger string section in one go but for that I can recommend other studios.


2012: Urr - The Endless Riddles of Sky and Earth
Album released on Golem Tapes, CD/download. Role: engineer, mixing, co-producer with Urr
Listen at https://soundcloud.com/abandnamedurr/sets/the-endless-riddles-of-sky-and

2012: NarcoSatanicos: Narcosatanicos
Album released on Mastermind. Vinyl/download.
Role: recording engineer on half on the songs.
Listen at https://narcosatanicos.bandcamp.com/album/narcosatanicos

2012: Hahn Kult: Jydsk Mudder
Album released on Mastermind.
Role: engineering and mixing with Hans Christian Andersen on one song.
Listen at https://hahnkult.bandcamp.com/album/jydsk-mudder

2012: Shocking White: Alienation
Self released EP, CD/download.
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-producer with Shocking White

2014: Morgan Square: When Kristoffar Is Lost In The Woods
EP released on Cable Hell Records, CD/download.
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-production with Morgan Square.
Listen at https://morgansquare.bandcamp.com/album/when-kristofar-is-lost-in-the-woods

2014: The Vice – Bed of Nails (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-production with The Vice.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXgupI7o53k

2015: Keine Fear For Flanger – Dieter (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-producer with Keine Fear For Flanger
Listen at https://soundcloud.com/jonathanjgaard/keine-fear-for-flanger-dieter

2015: Hunger – Leave (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing
Listen at https://hungergroup.bandcamp.com/album/hunger

2016: Piotr – Drengerøv (EP)
Role: recording and mixing on half of the EP.
Listen at https://piotrsound.bandcamp.com/album/drenger-v-ep

2016: Cacus: Dirty Filthy Godless
EP. CD/cassette/streaming.
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co producer with Cacus.
Listen at https://cacus.bandcamp.com/releases

2017: Tots – Centrepiece (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-producer with Tots.
Listen at https://soundcloud.com/totallyballin/centerpiece

2017: Tots – Surfboard (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-producer with Tots.
Listen at https://soundcloud.com/totallyballin/surfboard

2017: Wonderland Avenue - Change (EP)
Role: recording engineer, producer, mixing, session musician
Listen at https://wonderlandavenue.bandcamp.com/releases

2018: Lasse Krog – Sweet Lovely Friend (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-producer with Lasse Krog.
Listen at https://lassekrog.bandcamp.com/track/sweet-lovely-friend

2018: Big Game Hunter – Inglorious Master (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing, co-producer with Big Game Hunter.
Listen at https://biggamehunter.bandcamp.com/releases

2018: Moctezuma – Silence And The Abyss (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing and production with Moctezuma
Listen at https://soundcloud.com/moctezumathehand/silence-and-the-abyss

2019: Moctezuma – Hardly Even Human (single)
Role: recording engineer, mixing and production with Moctezuma.
Listen at https://soundcloud.com/moctezumathehand/hardly-even-human

2019: Henkiller – The Brim (single)
Role: recording engineer with assistance from Simon Jensen. Production and mix with Henkiller.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCkxHq5545s

2020: Big Game Hunter – Swords (EP)
Role: recording engineer and production. Mixed with Kalle Husuum.
Listen at https://biggamehunter.bandcamp.com/album/swords

2020: Loose Ends – Give In (7″ single)
Role: recording engineer, production and mix.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8mENboh71I

2021: Joao Manuel – When Did You Get So Bad (single)
Role: recording engineer
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8FCpi6BrUk

2021: Krogen – Uendeligt Savn (single)
Role: recording engineer. Production and mix with Lasse Krog.
Listen at Spotify.

2021: Gäy – The Party That Never Ends (single)
Role: recording engineer, production. Mixed with Asger Overgaard and Tobias Williamson at Black Tornado Studio.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31Flcsh-02M

2021: Krogen – Jimmi Med Ild I (single)
Role: recording engineer. Production and mix with Lasse Krog.
Listen at https://open.spotify.com/track/3hEltxt0zJSL2cFhyZfs96?si=e8728cd6ce874a9e

2021: Joao Manuel – Distractions (single)
Role: recording engineer, production and mix.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ymw_Pd2q6U

2021: Joâo Manuel and Tor Hermansson - Driving Through The Night (single)
Role: engineer, production, mix.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xU8fn423kY

2021: Kenneth Hansen - The Road To Hell (single)
Role: engineer, production, mix.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crZ6OoDGIXQ

2021: Tor Hermansson - Killing Machine (single)
Role: engineer, production, mix.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmztSk9aWR8

2021: Krogen - For Enden Af Byen (single)
Role: engineer, production and mix with Lasse Krog.
Listen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbn9SoZj124

2022: Gäy - Monster Cocks (album, 12" vinyl and streaming)
Role: producer and mixing with Gäy, engineer
Listen at https://open.spotify.com/album/2Qbf0menjJ9fnK4ZCQLgYC?si=fe3DtT2FRziMLKih8w2gXg

2022: Krogen - Henover Lakken (album, streaming and 12" vinyl)
Role: producer, engineer, mixing with Lasse Krog
Listen at


The boring stuff

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The studio is a registrered company with CVR number/VAT number 40195289