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Prices will vary slightly depending on the project but this is the guidelines. We can work out a discount if it's an album or an EP.

All listed pricing is in Danish Kroner and incl. moms (VAT):

Full band recording


From 2300 kr. 

- Price set for one song. Two or more songs a day will be negotiated for each individual project. Can include overdubs for no additional charge depending how much time we spent getting the basics to tape.

- Reduced price after the first session if you want to do full band recordings on a few consecutive days.

- Small extra fee added if you use your own drum kit.

Drum recording

From 2000 kr.

Recording drums and possibly a bass, a guide rhythm guitar or a synth at the same.  Once again: if you nail it quickly and we still got ears and brains left I’d include a few overdubs without additional charge.


140 kr. per hour.
Minimum four hour bookings. 


1600 kroner pr. song for projects recorded at Cable Hell Studio. This price include a remix session if need be.

For projects recorded elsewhere contact me. Too many factors at play to set a price without more information.