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Prices can sometimes be negotiated for an EP or a full album project but this is starting point.

All listed pricing is in Danish Kroner and incl. moms (VAT):

Full band tracking

  • From 2500 kr. 
  • Price set for one song. Two or more songs a day will be negotiated for each individual project. Can include a few overdubs for no additional charge depending how much time we spent getting the basics to tape.
  • Editing during the session included for no extra charge.
  • Discounts on day two or three  for bookings on consecutive days (lockout).
  • Album or EP projects can include discounts. Ask for a deal.
  • A 25% deposit must be payed at the time of booking.

Recording drums

  • From 2000 kr.
  • Recording drums and possibly a bass, a guide rhythm guitar or a synth at the same.
  • Besides that it's the same conditions as full band tracking, so take a look in the paragraph above this one.



  • 200 kr. pr. hour for bands
  • 150 kr. pr. hour for solo artists
  • Minimum four hour bookings
  • Editing and setup time at the same rates.


  • 1600 kr. pr. song for projects recorded at Cable Hell Studio. This price include a remix session if need be.
  • For projects recorded elsewhere contact me. Too many variables at play to set a fixed price, but unless its recorded really well and the delivery format is 2" 24-track tape with IEC EQ expect 2000-3000 per song.

Acoustic projects/others

  • Ask for prices. Folk music can benefit quite a lot from recording lead vox and guitar and/or piano live. The setup time varies greatly depending on the instruments involved.
  • Same rates as for overdubs if you just want to record one instrument at the time, but if I'm gonna move a 200 kilo piano and mic in a way thats gonna shine as a solo instrument you have to expect to pay for my setup time.
  • Overdubs after the basics is on tape is the same as usual which is 150 an hour for solo artists and 200 for bands.

Tape prices and practical information

  • Second hand: approximately 1000 kr. per reel
  • Brand new: 2899 per reel as per Thomann prices of August 2023.

Lets just be honest; 2" tape is expensive. A fresh roll cost around 3000 kr. but fortunately there's loads of good used or new old stock kicking around and I can find it for you if you book a few weeks ahead of your session. Occasionally I got some spare reels around you can buy..

As a rule of thumb the Otari will roll at 15 IPS (inches per second) which on a regular sized reel will give you 33 minutes of recording. We can roll at 30 IPS if you want, but it only makes sense if you got a lot of cash to burn and make music with a huge dynamic range where tape hiss can become a real life problem. 15 IPS never been a problem though, all it takes are some gates and a brain .

For minor projects that just involve tasks like doing vocals through a great mic, preamp and compressor, then digitizing for mixing elsewhere you can rent a used inhouse tape for cheap.
I'm only rolling full band recordings on tapes owned by the client as it gives me the freedom to cut the tape whenever needed such as compiling the best takes, dealing with surgical editing of lip smacks and easy access to locating the song we need to work on. And the client own their own recording which is most fair by all means.

For mixing we use inhouse tape unless you want your vinyl record to have absolutely no digital conversions whatsoever. The difference are barely audible, but its an option.