Minor changes can occur without notice, but rest assured that there will always be a good, reliable 24 track tape machine, an equally good and reliable analog console, proper microphones and a hard working coffee machine.

Cable Hell Studio does run a strict maintenence schedule to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

I strive to keep this list updated to make it representative and if a piece of gear is listed you can expect that its available and in operational condition so you won't find stuff that's been awaiting service for years. The only exception would be if something is pulled from service very briefly for repair. Regardless I always make sure what your needs are and plan accordingly.

Mixing console

  • DDA Q 32/8 console.
    Fully recapped and modified.

Multitrack recording

  • Otari MTR90 MKII 2" 24 track tape machine

2-track recorders

  • Studer B67 1/4" 2-track tape machine
    Refurbished in 2022-23.
  • EMU 0404 audio interface 


  • AKG C451EB w. CK1 capsule
  • AKG 460B w. CK61-ULS capsules (2x)
  • AKG D112 
  • Beyerdynamic Soundstar MKII 
  • Gefell UM70S 
  • Philips EL6033/10
  • Sennheiser MD-211
  • Sennheiser MD-421 (3x)
  • Sennheiser MD-431 (on request)
  • Sennheiser MD-441 U 
  • Shure SM57 (2x)
  • Shure VP64A
  • t.bone RB500 (3x)
  • Others
  • If needed a Neumann U87 or more Sennheiser MD441's can be rented in.


  • Alesis Microverb III digital reverb/delay
  • Korg GR-1 spring reverb
  • Revox A77 for tape delay, modded for fast slapback
  • Yamaha PE200A spring reverb
  • Yamaha E1005 analog bucket brigade delay and chorus
  • Yamaha REV100 digital reverb/delay
  • DIY spring reverb
  • Bonus: great sounding acoustic reverb in concrete corridor: mostly available at night as the building is shared with others, but I can reamp things after the fact if sticking a mic out there while recording drums ain't an option.


  • Gyraf Audio G1176LN (x2)
  • DBX 160A  (modified and improved)
  • Drawmer DL-251 (dual compression and spectral FX)
  • DBX 166 (dual, modified and improved)
  • Behringer Multicom MDX2400 (4 channels, just for smashing effect sends and returns)


  • Behringer Intelligate XR2000 (2x dual gates)
  • Behringer Multigate XR 1400 (4x gates)
  • Behringer Multigate XR 4400 (4x gates)
  • DBX 463X (mono gate)
  • Vesta Kaza DG-3 (dual gate)

Amps and cabs

  • Ashly bass combo
  • Rotosound Leslie clone
  • Vox AC15 guitar combo


  • Vintage Hohner drumkit w. standard sized toms
  • Fender acoustic guitar
  • Obscure but nice Strat-copy
  • Wide selection of percussion (tambourines, shakers, handdrums, etc.)


  • Yamaha HS7 speakers
  • AKG K-240 MKII  headphones (x1)
  • Beyer Dynamic DT-100 headphones (4x)
  • Superlux HD669 (1x)
  • Lots of headphone outputs for tracking
  • More headphones available per request

Preamps/other stuff

  • Disa Elektronik preamp from the 50's. Telefunken clone.
  • LHZ parametric equalizer
  • Mackie 1202-VLZPRO (mainly for effect returns)
  • DDA Q onboard preamps (modified and improved)
  • Transformer box

Non-musical but nice to know

  • Large fridge
  • Great coffee machine that never fails
  • Oven (tiny but reliable)
  • Comfy sofas
  • Supermarkets, fast food and basic shopping just around the corner